Ceramic Bread Box

Ceramic Bread Box

Bread boxes are a great way to keep your bread from molding or drying out, whether it’s homemade or store bought. Ceramic bread boxes are the least common of the three styles (ceramic, wooden and stainless steel). There are pros and cons to each type of bread box. Here are some of the benefits of a ceramic bread box.

Ceramic Bread Boxes
A ceramic bread box is sometimes called a bread crock. Ceramic boxes have some of the benefits of both other styles. They can be traditional and classic, like a wooden box, or they can be colorful and modern to fit any décor. They are often more expensive than the other styles because of the materials used and the effort put into painting the finished boxes. However, they can be the most fun and colorful. You can get ceramic bread boxes that are shaped and painted like a variety of items: animals, people, vehicles, even loaves of bread. These colorful and fun bread boxes are sure to become a conversation topic whenever company enters your kitchen.

Aside from the price, ceramic boxes also have the disadvantage of being heavier and more fragile than the other materials. The combination of expensive and fragile is always unfortunate because if it does get cracked it’s harder to replace. Since the bread box will spend most of its life on your kitchen counter, this shouldn’t be a huge problem but you would want to consider it if you have small children.

Ceramic bread boxes also have the advantage of being fairly reliable. Because of the way they are made, the boxes are uniform and you don’t have much risk of a door that doesn’t fit properly. In the event of a bread box that has a poorly fitted door, you would be at risk or too much or too little airflow. Too much will make your bread dry out too quickly. Too little will cause it to go stale. Ceramic boxes are less prone to this problem.

Where to Buy Ceramic Bread Boxes
You can find bread boxes in a variety of places. You’re likely to find them in the kitchen section of many retail stores. You can also shop for older boxes in antique and thrift stores. To get the box that you want for your kitchen, you may have to look at ordering online. This, of course, is where the issue of weight and fragility come in. A ceramic bread box will be much more expensive to ship because of the heavier weight and the extra care needed to ship a breakable box. There is also the chance of it arriving cracked. Since returns to an online store can be a long process, you may want to get the extra insurance and go for a more careful method of shipping.

Even though the boxes and the shipping can be expensive, there is really no replacement for a ceramic bread crock. They create a fun, colorful look in your kitchen and help you eat healthier and cheaper.


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